Who are the biggest political whores on this planet? Right - the EU officials.

This thing is meant to care about EU, isn't it? Let's see some quotes by the so called Federica Mogherini (for the unenlightened, this is High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy (don't miss the focus on her / his (the sex is questionable) "security policy")):

"Some people are now trying to convince us that a Muslim cannot be a good European citizen, that more Muslims in Europe will be the end of Europe. These people are not just mistaken about Muslims: these people are mistaken about Europe, they have no clue what Europe and the European identity are."

"I am not afraid to say that political Islam should be part of the picture. Religion plays a role in politics – not always for good, not always for bad. Religion can be part of the process."

"Any attempt to divide the peoples of Europe into "us" and "them" brings us in the wrong direction. The migrants and us. The Muslims and us. The Jews and us, as anti-Semitism has not been defeated at all. The “other” and us. We learnt from our history that we all are someone else’s “other”. The fear of the other can only lead us to new conflicts."

Brussels, 25/06/2015

2 months later: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3e6sIl5whsg (Aid for the "refugees"?)
4 days ago: https://youtu.be/xn-UCR5p0y0 (Aid for the "refugees"?)

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Actually I have several questions (feel free to interpret them as a comment): does this manipulative whore know my history and current status as an European citizen, does she / he know my ancestors' history (not the current small rugs in the governments)? If not, what's the role of this scarecrow in the EU Security Policy? What's the role of all these soulless midgets in Brussels after all?