The Rotten Civilization and the Superhuman Tribes

The modern society has been marked long ago by the satanic monetary system and its primary priorities like:
  • Stupidity (your lack of a value system and the corresponding unwillingness to take care about your free will)
  • Cupidity (imprinted by the supreme systems, such as: Capitalism, Fascism, Communism - all of them semantically the same)
  • Ownership (your will to live, your "value" system)

On the other hand - the superhuman people Tarahumara. Their dictionary lacks the notions of any self-destruction, such as: illness, violence, fatigue, early death.

The "modern" society is the slow (and at the same time inevitably and exponentially quicker) premature spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical death of the civilization. And all those ~8 billion zombies get more and more voracious...

Hopefully, the few pure peoples like Tarahumara will not even notice the end of the savages.