Military Training Simulator

Last night I wrote this program, which is not exactly the next Turing award project, still its tremendous benefit can be hardly denied. The aim: keep in top shape elite army members, such as tacticians, strategists, generals, generalissimos, and special forces - like the nato ones. Thus the war-dogs can continue invasions (they call it peacekeeping but that's another topic) of cities, countries, and continents undisturbed. As you can imagine, the game demands extraordinary high skills from the player, among which: discipline, tenacity, courage, analytical & combinatorial & associative thinking, and last but not least a great deal of patience. It is a SPA (single page application) and as such easy to download, so don't hesitate to distribute it among peace detesting personas like Rambo, Napoleon, Batman, Caius Caesar, Max Payne, Disrael и вся асталная сволач. The purpose: catch the fly by clicking on it. Enough discussion, here is the game. Good luck!