A dying baby noble deer by the road

Bulgaria, August, 2013


Hopefully still alive after the intervention of the drunken staff from the so called "woods management department" located in the near city; after two hours of waiting and fearing whether the baby-deer would manage to survive, these "responsible" ones arrived asking nervoiusly: "Do you have any idea how many people die each day in car crash incidents?".
(I won't comment my reaction since I was furious and probably not right to react in the way I did.)
Probably asking youself what did this tribe do with the baby-deer? Since it was located just by the road under a tree under the shadow sceaming for her mother, it has to be relocated. It was thrown disparagingly in the near maize field. That's it. All in all, I am thankful to the people who responded quickly and profesionally on the emergency phone here in BG, and above all I am hoping that this baby-deer is still alive.